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Lovare Cleopatra's Night

Lovare Cleopatra's Night

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Experience precious moments of exquisite passion with every sip of our exclusive tea blend. Our Gun Powder Tea pearls, delicately combined with rubies of goji berries and amber-colored pieces of pineapple, create a unique and flavorful tea that sparkles like gems of bright petals and pink buds. Hand-rolled and carefully selected for exceptional quality, the Gun Powder Tea pearls unfurl during brewing, releasing their full flavor and aroma for a smooth and refreshing tea that delights the senses. Blended with juicy and sweet goji berries and amber-colored pieces of pineapple, this tea becomes a true gem of flavors and aromas. The bright and colorful petals and buds add a touch of tenderness, creating a unique and elegant experience. Perfect for those who seek a balance of sweet and tart flavors and appreciate natural and healthy ingredients. Savor the tenderness of taste and create treasured memories that will last a lifetime. Whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening, our exclusive tea blend offers a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more.

80 g of leaf tea packed in a tube with 15 empty tea bags for a true tea indulgence.

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